What are RAE Tokens?

Receive Access Ecosystem (RAE) Tokens are utility tokens based on Ethereum’s technology and follow the ERC-20 token standard--the most popular token type. The Token is a utility token used for access to distribute content on the RAE ecosystem. It is not a security. Holding RAE Tokens grants no rights or responsibilities common with traditional securities.

Are RAE Tokens transferable?

Yes. They are transferrable to any ERC20 compatible wallet. You can also buy (with a debit card) and sell RAE Tokens within minutes following these 4 steps.

What is the distribution of RAE Tokens?

There will be 34 million RAE Tokens minted ever. The amount of RAE Tokens will never reach 34 million because of the need for Rokfin and other digital platforms to burn RAE for access to the ecosystem's content. The time to mint new RAE Tokens is calculated using an average timing of previous minting periods, targeting once per day. Initially, each minting period creates and distributes 10,000 RAE Tokens. The number of newly minted RAE Tokens per period is halved every 1,700 periods (~4 1/2 years.) For example, in about five years, each minting period will create and distribute 5,000 RAE Tokens. To dive deeper, check out our blog.

Who uses RAE Tokens?

Current digital platforms that utilize the RAE Token include Rokfin, a creator-first subscription platform. It is the world’s only digital platform that rewards content creators for the full value they generate, including network effects. Rokfin utilizes RAE Tokens to facilitate value transfers between creators, subscribers, and platforms in a more transparent and fair digital landscape. As the development of the RAE ecosystem progresses, competing digital platforms will be able to attach to the ecosystem, increasing digital network effects.

How much do content creators earn?

Of the 10,000 RAE Tokens produced each RAE mint, content creators receive 72%; digital platform(s) receive 28%.

Is 72% competitive with Patreon (~90% Depending on fees)?

Patreon's reward structure pays creators as a percentage of the revenue ($) generated from their channel. However, the revenue generated from the creators' content does not capture the full value generated by the content within Patreon's network. For example, content creators who join a platform early play a vital role in the growth of the platform and its network more so than content creators who join a platform after it has gained scale. Conversely, it’s more difficult for a digital platform such as Rokfin to acquire its first 1,000 paying subscribers compared to the effort in going from 1 million to 1.001 million paying subscribers, for instance. Read more. The RAE Tokens represent the total value of the RAE Ecosystem's network. Distributing the Tokens rewards participants' contributions for their full value. The mechanics of the RAE Token are widely used and adopted in order to reward early adopters of blockchain-based projects for taking on a higher level of risk by opting to participate in platforms and solutions that have not yet gained widespread adoption.

Why can't creators just earn dollars?

Dollars paid to access the RAE Ecosystem's content ignores the value of digital network effects, putting creators in the same spot they are on other platforms, like YouTube. In the RAE Ecosystem, digital platforms transmit the value of their revenue to the Ecosystem through the token burning process. For example, Rokfin burns tokens equal to the number of dollars its customers pay to subscribe, which decreases the total available supply of RAE Tokens. Because of this need to burn RAE for access, platforms' demand for RAE maps to the subscription revenue they generate. More Subscription Revenue = More RAE Demand With the decreasing supply of RAE due to burns as one input, and the demand correlated to subscription revenue on the ecosystem as the other, the equilibrium between the two inputs determines the price of each RAE Token at any moment in time.

Why are we obsessed with accurately paying creators for their value?

Over-rewarding and under-rewarding content creators create network inefficiencies. When content creators are over-rewarded, they are siphoning rewards away from the deserving content creators. When the deserving content creators are under-rewarded, they will have fewer resources to create valuable content for the network. Through accurately rewarding creators, the RAE Ecosystem is more efficient compared to current systems, attracting other valuable creators, leading to more customers and faster network growth.

How do I view RAE Tokens in my wallet?

You can view your RAE Token balance in an ERC 20 compatible wallet by watching the RAE Token contract. Examples of an ERC 20 compatible wallet are MEWConnect, Coinbase Wallet, or KyberSwap's phone app. RAE Token Smart Contract Address: 0xE5a3229CCb22b6484594973A03a3851dCd948756 Number of Digits: 18 Symbol: RAE

Who developed the RAE Ecosystem?

The team behind Rokfin, the first platform to be built on the RAE network, is behind RAE. However, the RAE ecosystem is intended to decentralize, and so the founding team will be stepping back once development is completed. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our designated Telegram admins: @ScottAugustine Information about the team who developed the RAE Ecosystem and Rokfin:

Did the RAE smart contracts undergo a third-party audit?

Yes. The RAE smart contracts were audited by, which specializes in smart contract security auditing. The full report can be found here.

How do I buy RAE Tokens?

You can buy and hold RAE Tokens with USD within minutes following one of these two guides:

Note: The RAE Token team does not have operational involvement with any third-party service supporting RAE, and as such we cannot take any responsibility or offer assistance if there is any issue between you and the third-party.


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