Why should I participate?

By participating in the RAE bounty campaign, you are showing that you believe in paying creators what they are worth. RAE Tokens are necessary for the core functioning of the RAE Ecosystem. Anyone wanting access to RAE Ecosystem content now--or in the future--must burn RAE to transmit the value of each subscription to the network. You may also buy/sell them on exchanges currently listing the token.

Are RAE Tokens transferable?

Yes. You can buy and sell RAE Tokens on the the Mercatox exchange.

What is the distribution of RAE Tokens?

There will be 34 million RAE Tokens minted ever. The amount of RAE Tokens will never reach 34 million because of the need for Rokfin and other digital platforms to burn Tokens for access to the Ecosystem's content. The time to mint new RAE Tokens is calculated using an average timing of previous minting periods, targeting once per day. Initially, each minting period creates and distributes 10,000 RAE Tokens. The number of newly minted RAE Tokens per period is halved every 1,700 periods (~4 1/2 years.) For example, in about five years, each minting period will create and distribute 5,000 RAE Tokens. To dive deeper, check out our blog.

How are RAE Tokens used?

RAE Tokens are used to facilitate value transfers between creators, consumers, and platforms in a more transparent and fair digital landscape.

Who developed the RAE Ecosystem?

The team behind Rokfin, the first platform to be built on the RAE network, is behind RAE. However, the RAE ecosystem is intended to be completely decentralized, and so the founding team will be stepping back once development is completed. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our designated Telegram admins: @ScottAugustine Information about the team who developed the RAE Ecosystem and Rokfin:

Did the RAE smart contracts undergo a third-party audit?

Yes. We contracted, which specializes in smart contract security auditing, to do an independent review of the RAE smart contracts. The full report can be found here.

Is RAE Doing an ICO?

RAE is not running an ICO. The goal for this bounty campaign is to generate interest in the RAE ecosystem and encourage use of the RAE tokens within the network. The purpose is not to raise funding. In fact, we believe ICOs are inherently flawed funding vehicles that misalign incentives to devalue the very cryptocurrency at the heart of the ICO.

Where can I learn more about RAE?

Who uses RAE Tokens?

Current digital platforms that utilize the RAE Token include Rokfin, a creator-first subscription media company and the world’s only digital platform that rewards content creators for the full value they generate. Rokfin utilizes RAE Tokens to facilitate value transfers between creators, consumers, and platforms in a more transparent and fair digital landscape.