Creators and content providers publish content on

Users subscribe to access all of the content for $9.99 per month.

In exchange for distributing the content, Rokfin is required to burn an amount of RAE Tokens equal to the total amount of subscription payments made on the platform. So Rokfin has an inherent need for RAE Tokens in order to continue distributing content.

The burn process transmits value to the RAE network, which benefits all RAE Token holders. RAE is traded on the open market to determine the rate.

New RAE Tokens are minted about once per day by the Ecosystem. The RAE Tokens are distributed to creators and digital platforms according to how well their content acquires & retains subscribers.






There is a growing gap between the value content creators provide to the networks owned by digital platforms compared to the compensation those content creators receive. This dynamic negatively impacts both content creators and the platform’s customers in obvious and not so obvious ways. Content creators are hindered by inadequate financial compensation; customers are implicitly hindered because they miss out on content that creators never produce—because the lack of adequate financial compensation stifles their ability to create. To understand why this value gap exists, it is imperative to understand how networks consolidate and accrue value, generating a network surplus. ​ Specifically, when digital media networks consolidate, leading to aggregation, they result in what we have coined the CREATOR'S DILEMMA.




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Creator's Leverage

The first creator on the digital network has all the leverage with the platform, but the platform has little to no value. The network is at its infancy, so even if the platform desired, they cannot exchange any value because network effects are absent.

As additional creators join, network effects arise and gain momentum. Conversely, each creator’s leverage rapidly decreases. Eventually, the creators have almost no leverage and are reliant on the digital platform.



The Receive Access Ecosystem token solves the cooperative game theory problem by enforcing a set of transparent rules for transacting between content creators and digital platforms for maximum value accretion. Without the need for a third trusted party, the RAE Ecosystem creates a level of precision in accurately rewarding network participants. We solve the Creator's Dilemma by removing control of the network from the digital platform, aligning stakeholders, driving consolidation.


  • ​Ensures the rules of the game won't change over time

  • Removes a point of failure

  • Facilitates a transactional environment where all energy is devoted to providing work on the network, not negotiations between participants


  • Rules are transparent, reliable, and all participants have visibility

  • Creators and platforms get value only by providing a better product to customers, no negotiation of value 

  • In participants' best interest to participate in the network today and the future. Solves the cooperative game for starting a new network


  • Creators--by sharing in the subscription--drive higher lifetime value per customer

  • Creators and platforms both benefit with consolidation

  • Creators want competitors to join